It ‘aint communion bread! It’s Jesus toast!

You know what would give my day a divinely inspiring good start? No. Not a helping of the 700 Club. No. Not a reading from that Brennan Manning Ragamuffin devotional on my coffee table, either. Nothing says I’m gonna have a good day like biting into a piece of toast with my Lord and Savior’s face on it.

Jesus Christ!

A 46 year old man is selling miracles. Vermont entrepreneur Galen Dively is marketing a toaster with a burn plate that sears the image of Jesus onto a piece of bread. Catholic? There’s a version with the Blessed Virgin Mary! Need a little incense for inspiration? There’s a pot leaf version, too. And you can any buy one of these toasters for just $34.95!

Peace, Pot and Jesus Toast is a specialty of Dively’s Burnt Impressions business. And they are flying off his shelves! “We were getting two or three thousand orders a day for a couple days there,” he told ABC News. He explained many of his customers were buying the holy toasters for their priests and ministers.

Asked if he’s gotten hate mail from the orthodox faithful, Dively said that he’s been rarely denounced for what he’s selling.