Randy Roberts Potts works to undo hate-filled legacy of grandfather Oral Roberts

Randy Roberts Potts is the black sheep grandson of firebrand televangelist, Oral Roberts. Details Magazine Critical Eye column features the 37-year-old Roberts family exile and his crusade to evangelize a message far different from his legendary Christian fundamentalist grandfather.

Potts has a new performance piece called The Gay Agenda. He takes the drama to the streets, literally laying down a set on the sidewalks of Bible Belt towns with a simple explanation written on a board, “The Gay Agenda is performance art designed to foster love and acceptance.”

The performance is not what you’d expect. It’s Potts and his boyfriend going about the mundane things everyone does during the day. The point of it all? Potts’ gay relationship, or any LGBT couplehood, is the same as a straight couple’s relationship.

Check out the article for more deets on the Potts’ project.

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