Tony Merevick’s take on The Chicagoan restored

Earlier, I wrote about Cheyne Gallarde and his take on the 1950s and 60s ad genre in his portraiture. And now, a friend takes us back even farther into history, writing about the transposing of an old publication, through the omniverse, into our 21st century.

Tony Merevick, friend and wunderkind editor-in-chief of Chicago Phoenix, shares an intimate look at the rebirth of a classic publication, The Chicagoan.

Cover art for The Chicagoan from April 26, 1930. What was going on in the world that month? Warner Bros. released its first cartoon, ‘Looney Toons,’ Twinkies was invented, and Gandhi marched to the sea to make salt, in defiance of British imperial law.

The Chicagoan, recently acquired by J.C. Gabel of Stop Smiling fame, was published from 1926 to 1935 and featured the iconic jazz-age culture of metropolitan Chicago. Its original publisher, Martin Quigley, wrote, “Whatever Chicago was and was to be, The Chicagoan must be and become.”

Gabel continues the tradition with his tagline mission, “Documenting the arts, culture, innovators and history of Chicago and the Greater Midwest.”

Excited? You’ll want to keep an eye out for To find our where you can get a hard copy of the inaugural edition, you’ll have to get it from Tony’s article yourself.

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Mad Men chic from portraitist Cheyne Gallarde

Firebird Photography of Honolulu has been slowly growing in fashion in pan-Pacific professional photo circles. And owner Cheyne Gallarde is its rising star.

Cheyne Gallarde is owner of Firebird Photography.

Cheyne, pronounced “Shayne,” is definitely someone to watch on the Hawaii and West Coast portraiture scene. His touch evokes a bygone classical era in photography now stylized as “retro” and “vintage.” That vintage feel is finding new-found popularity with the recent Mad Men craze that pulled the 1960s ad genre and transposed it into modern 21st century fashion.

The artist, sporting an image of a classic Polaroid camera tattooed onto his arm, first caught my attention when a series of his photographs appeared last year to promote the Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival, the premier LGBT film festival in the Pacific.

The series of 60s chic ad posters were probably more memorable than some of the films shown at the festival in 2011.

A personal note: that first hottie in the series (far left), model Lowen Kainoa Rudolfo, and I were classmates at Moanalua High School. Class of 2001 PRIDE!

Cheyne is one of the few artists in Hawaii that preserves pinup style portrait making, both cheesecake (think Betty Grable) and beefcake (a male counterpart). He also specializes in giving wedding photography a vintage look and feel.

Recently, owner Cheyne presented a “fashion editorial inspired by the Renaissance art of Rembrandt, Michelangelo and other famous artists.” Renaissance Men just so happens to feature my own godbrother, model and Miss America organization official, Rhonee Rojas.

You can find more of Cheyne’s work at Posterous and Facebook.

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